Moerder Tattoos After Care



I’m using Saniderm now so after care is effortless! Just keep the Saniderm plastic wrap in place for 5 days, then pull it off in the shower, wash with soap, and Boom! Your tattoo is pretty much healed! No more worries of infection, ruining clothes/sheets, picking, etc. Just a clean comfortable healing! You’ll have some dry dead skin to gently wash off in the shower, and you’ll need to follow up with using After Inked once or twice a day to moisturize – but that’s it!

Not only is Saniderm amazingly comfortable – protection your tattoo from all of the things that irritate it – rubbing, dander, pollen, clothing, dirt – but it holds in some of the color and actually makes your tattoo more vibrant!

The only thing to be concerned with is that you don’t spring a leak. There will be plasma and ink pocketing in there and if the seal is broken, just pull off the Saniderm early and continue with the old After Care.

New tattoos are really happy when they get After-Anked once a day for a while so please got to Amazon and buy some.




Leave your bandage on til you get home or about an hour or two. Take off the bandage and run very hot water (as hot as you can take it without burning yourself) over it for a few minutes, then wash the tattoo with warm water and soap. DO NOT SCRUB the tattoo at any time during healing. Try not to re-bandage! (Leave uncovered as much as possible.)

Pat dry with a clean paper towel and apply Aquaphor for the first 2-3 days, then After Inked ointment for the remainder of 2 weeks to the tattoo. Work the ointment in and if there is any excess, pat off with a clean paper towel. The tattoo should not look shiny or wet. If it feels dry and itchy – apply more often, if it gets gooey or starts breaking out – let it go for a day and restart the next day using less ointment.

Wash daily and repeat the appication of Aquaphor or After Inked 2 to 5 times a day for 2 weeks. Follow up with 4 weeks of After Inked once a day. Whenever you apply ointment, or touch the tattoo, make sure your hands are clean! DO NOT let other people touch your tattoo. It is an open wound.

Avoid tight fitting, fuzzy or rough clothing. Foot tattoos – no shoes or socks touching the tattoo for at least 2 weeks. Also no bras or bra straps touching tattoos on chest shoulders or back for at least 2 weeks. No rough material or tight stretchy material against it for 2 weeks. Be very careful not to sleep directly on a fresh tattoo – it could pull the ink or get infected. Put clean sheets on your bed that you don’t care about getting stained, and keep the animals out off the bed for a few days till the tattoo heals a little.

If you see any signs of infection, treat with anibacterial ointment or Neosporin until the infection goes away. If the infection doesn’t clear up right away, call your Doctor! With any kind of infection – it’s good to catch it quickly so you don’t damage the tattoo and go through a horrible healing experience – so PLEASE people – take it seriously and keep it clean! A tattoo is an open wound! And good healing is very important to the final appearance of the tattoo.

AND DON’T PICK AT IT lol! Contact me if you have any questions.

You can buy a tube of After Inked from Amazon before your appointment for large tattoos – you’ll get a small packet that’s fine for little tattoos.

Tattoos heal in about 2-3 weeks but are really happy when they get 6-8 weeks of after care.