Moerder Tattoos & Gallery

Sue Moerder's Art and a Gallery for Local Artists and Tattoo Artists that Draw and Paint

Ron Ross Cohen

Born in Flint, Michigan in 1952, Ron Ross Cohen’s art career has been a journey of creative challenges and evolution of form. Ron has never accepted leather simply as a medium of hobbyists and handcrafters, destined to fashioned into saddles, belts, or wallets.


Jackie Cassidy

Jackie Cassidy, b. 1986, is an American painter and mixed media marquetarian living and working in southern New Jersey. She is mostly self-taught, having started her artistic journey at five years old with a Crayola self-portrait. Cassidy graduated in 2010 with her M.A. in Writing from Rowan University, and has since exhibited at numerous galleries and institutions, including: The Philadelphia Sketch Club, the Plastic Club, FE Gallery, Slushbox Gallery, PhilaMOCA, the Monmouth Museum, and the Barrett Art Center, to name a few. In 2017, she was inducted into Creative Capital’s Professional Development Artist Fellows program.

Cassidy’s character- and narrative-driven work reinvestigates with playful vigor the intersection between the macabre, dark humor, and the surreal, and her own memories, family/personal histories, and dreams. With the mindset of a writer, her subject matter always informs her style and execution.


Sue Moerder

Art has been my life – all my life, but I started working with skulls and now all I want to do is play amongst my rust and bones. I love taking skulls and assembling them with man-made objects that are old and discarded, but still beautiful in their own way. Everything is shapes and textures that are blended together and become one. It’s like putting together a beautiful puzzle.

I’m giving new life to the dead and discarded.