A Gallery for Local Artists and Tattoo Artists that Draw and Paint

Ronald Carson

I knew as a young person growing up and living in southern California that I had a calling for creative expression. I’m a self taught painter and illustrator who wanted to see more of the world and is always looking for better, more effective ways of making art.

I see my work as inspired by what intrigues me and excites my creative side. As an artist I point to stereotypes of difference. In that being the obvious and that which is hidden in plain sight. I find stereotypes to be good fodder in the creative process and as metaphors for the ridiculous, and for the more serious subject matter.

These select pieces I offer for consideration, and invite the viewer to move from a space of comfort and familiarity to speculate on it’s message and or meaning. I rely on our desire for beauty and our view of society as a whole to bring this about. Below are a few galleries and art spaces I had the pleasure to exhibit my art.

Subculture Gallery

820 South Street Philadelphia, PA

Subculture Gallery

376 Broome St.
New York, NY
Monthly group exhibits from 1994-2009

Atlantic City Art Center

Atlantic City, NJ Group Exhibit 2007

LDR Studio Gallery

137 Alexander Avenue, Suite 10 Bronx, NY
Visions Of Horror 2
Group exhibit 2010

The Damned Show

Tangent Gallery, Hastings Ballroom Detroit, MI
Group exhibit 2010


Sue Moerder

Art has been my life – all my life, but I started working with skulls and now all I want to do is play amongst my rust and bones. I love taking skulls and assembling them with man-made objects that are old and discarded, but still beautiful in their own way. Everything is shapes and textures that are blended together and become one. It’s like putting together a beautiful puzzle… and paying respect to they’re lives by turning them into Art that’s appreciated and admired.

I’m giving new life to the dead and discarded.