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2nd Annual Young Artists Exhibit Judges

I’m so honored to have such a talented group of Professional Artists to be choosing the winners of my 2nd Annual Young Artists Show this year! We’ve awarded 3 very deserving $150 Tattoo Prize winners! Reception and award ceremony this Saturday 4-7pm at Moerder Tattoos and Gallery in Hammonton – thank you again to all of my Artist friends that believe in supporting young Artists and took time out of their busy schedules! You rock!

The Artists are…

16-18 yrs old
Victoria Karpowicz
Paola Ramos
Anya Sharpe – Winner

20-21 yrs old
Melissa McKenna
Katelyn Woolford
Angelina D’Ortona – Winner

22-23 yrs old
Rachel Friel – Winner
Stephen Colonna

Sue Moerder

Art has been my life – all my life, but I started working with skulls and now all I want to do is play amongst my rust and bones. I love taking skulls and assembling them with man-made objects that are old and discarded, but still beautiful in their own way. Everything is shapes and textures that are blended together and become one. It’s like putting together a beautiful puzzle… and paying respect to they’re lives by turning them into Art that’s appreciated and admired.

I’m giving new life to the dead and discarded.