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Suzanne Reese Horvitz

This body of work is about the symbolic meaning and myths associated with “Deep Waters”. I present this work on glass – which I consider – one of the most enigmatic and enchanted of all the materials that have been invented or discovered. Glass resembles water in many ways. The changeability of water embodies the idea of transience. Glass, a super-cooled liquid, resembles many of water’s transient qualities. Like water, glass can refract and reflect. Like water, glass transmits light, and can be transparent or translucent. Colors and light mixt together behind and inside the glass as though through the prism of “Deep Waters”.

This artwork is done by “Verre Eglomisé, (reverse painting on glass ) in combination with glass gilding, printing, etching, silk screen and stencil printing. The mirrored and gilded glass surfaces symbolize dreams and the world on the other side of the looking glass where the extraordinary exists.

This series is inspired by Greek Mythology and alludes to the dangers inherent in beauty- like the “Sirens that Lured Ulysses”. I aim for a visual weaving of images and text. Some of the text is from poetry about love found in the biblical “Song of Songs”. I believe in the “Aquatic ape theory” rather than the traditional “Savannah” theory of human evolution. This theory becomes a metaphor for me to communicate through my images of Sirens, Mermaids and Mermen – a visual story that reflects my ideas about the dangers and beauty found in the oceans we sail and in life’s “Deep Waters”.

Inspired by the W.B. Yeats poem Leda and the Swan, Reese Horvitz displays striking mixed media works and glass

panels, many of which include gold and silver leaf. Reese Horvitz’s work is done by reverse painting, screening, sand

blasting and gilding on glass. The viewer is captivated by the complex use of iridescent images, text and careful layering

to create an intriguing version of the mythological story.

Suzanne Reese Horvitz and Robert Roesch have traveled extensively as Cultural Advisors to United States Embassies in

Egypt, Syria, Argentina, Ecuador, and Myanmar. They recently returned from a Fulbright Fellowship to Baku,

Azerbaijan. Horvitz holds a BA and BFA from University of the Arts and a Doctorate in Fine Arts from Columbia

University.  The pair’s projects have traveled the world and can be seen in

numerous museum collections both nationally and internationally. Reese Horvitz and Roesch live in Philadelphia and

maintain a studio in Hammonton, New Jersey.

Suzanne Reese Horvitz holds a Doctorate from Columbia University. She’s received numerous Fulbright’s, fellowships and grants, had 19 one and two person museum exhibitions. She’s in the permanent collection of museums in Portugal, Canada, Denmark, France, Japan and the US. Horvitz and Roesch exhibited in and curated the US pavilion of the ‘09 Baku Biennial and the ‘09 Artist Book Biennial at Bibliotheca Alexandrina. In 2015 they presented programs on Artists’ Books and Creativity throughout US, Japan and China.

“The Baffled King Composing Hallelujah”  





“Floating Siren & Lover”  

$5,500 Each




“Seduction and Delusion”  





“Lida and the Swan”  





“Vmpyr Memory”  

$500 Each




“Ascent from the Sea”  





“Bearded Mermen”  





“Siren and Lover”  

$800 – 2 Part Piece




“Leda’s Feathered Glory”  





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