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Ok here’s what’s going on…

I am selling my place and we’re moving to Philly.

It isn’t because of being shut down or struggling – business is booming – I had time to re-evaluate my life and what’s important. We’re looking forward to being in a more diverse and accepting community and I will finally be focusing completely on my Art and selling it in a better market area.

Tattooing has been a lot of fun and an incredible experience and I appreciate all your business, but I’m getting older and am looking forward to the change and finally doing my Art for me – and then selling it.

I am fully booked til September and stopped booking since I don’t know how long I’ll be here before the house sells. If you want to be on a “Wait List” fill out a request form

DO NOT MAKE A DEPOSIT! it will be returned minus PayPal fee.

In September if I’m here – I will book weekly on Mondays with GCs and tattoos I need to finish having priority (include the amount of gift card you hold in the form) till I move and the wait list will be booked first – first come first serve.

There will also be a $300 minimum to cut down on traffic in the shop.

Sorry that’s the best I can do for now. I understand you all want tattoos now but it’s only me here and I’m trying to stay safe and honor as many gift cards as I can.

If you would rather be reimbursed – contact me, but when I’m done I’m done – that’s why I’m giving plenty of warning. Barters will not be full amount since I was always more generous with the amounts.

Thank you everyone for your patience and understanding.   



I’m starting a new business called 

Murder of Crows Nesting Decor and it’s located in the back room.

Crow themed decor in Plexi, Aluminum Composite and Metal Cut Outs  

“CAN” Crows are for sale at Moerder Tattoos & Gallery and on Etsy

for $20 and all of that goes to CAN to fight Human Trafficking 










Due to Covid-19

I am temporarily closed – please follow me on Facebook or Instagram for re-opening announcement.

I’m not taking new appts til I know when I can open, and when I do there will be some changes in my policies to protect mine and my daughter’s safety as well as my customers. If they are not followed – your appt will be cancelled and you’ll lose your deposit.

For a a while you will have to come alone, and bring a thermometer to show me your normal temperature at the door. Do not come here with any symptoms – if you have any symptoms contact me as soon as possible! A mask must be worn properly at all times. And there will be a $300 minimum for new bookings. This will cut down traffic in the shop, and cut down my risk. This will probably be temporary.

There will be no chest, neck or face tattoos for a while, and touching your tattoos or where I wipe while they’re being worked on is forbidden.

Bookings will only be done online – that way I have all your info and pics in one place and I won’t interrupt my current customer, and again, it will cut down on shop traffic and be safer. The door will be kept locked till the threat of Covid-19 has passed.

I charge $150 an hour with Tax and require a $100 non-refundable deposit.

I tattoo quickly and I’m very light handed – I also use bactine in my gray wash which causes a very comfortable numbing affect for most people.

I use Saniderm for healing which is a revolutionary way of healing tattoos! Practically pain and risk free if you keep it on for 5 days with out soaking in water – (you can shower). Hardly any pain, no more risk of infection with beautiful healing! I also give each customer an “Moerder Tattoos After Care Cup” filled with Aftercare Instructions, After Inked lotion, and a Moerder Tattoos & Gallery Cup filled with some treats as a thank you.

I try my best with each tattoo, and I try to make it as fun as possible. 

Please remember at tipping time if you love you tattoo – that I am putting myself and my family at a much higher health risk than usual.


Get Moerder Tattoos & Gallery Swag at Threadless.com

You Get a Moerder Tattoos &Gallery After-Care Cup with Every Tattoo!


Plenty of Street Parking on Grand, Woodman or Lincoln Sts

Get Murder of Crows Nesting Decor Swag at Threadless.com

Get Moerder Tattoos & Gallery Swag at Threadless.com

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