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Ok here’s what’s going on…

I am selling my place and we’re moving  – maybe to Philly – maybe farther.

It isn’t because of being shut down by Covid or struggling – business has been good – I just had time to re-evaluate my life and what’s important. We’re looking forward to being in a more diverse and accepting community and I will finally be focusing completely on my Art and selling it in a better market area.

Tattooing has been a lot of fun and an incredible experience and I appreciate all your business, but I’m getting older and am looking forward to the change and finally – after 20+ years of Advertising and 17+ years of tattooing – doing my Art for me – they way I want to.

I’ll be moving hopefully in Spring or Summer… so if you’d like to get tattooed before then – fill out a request form – make sure you attach reference pics and a good description! 

Customers with GCs and tattoos I need to finish need to book soon so we can take care of them.  (include the amount of gift card you hold in the form!) 

There will also be a $300 minimum to cut down on traffic in the shop (so no small tattoos) and you have to come alone.

If you would rather be reimbursed for a Gift Certificate – contact me, but when I’m done I’m done – that’s why I’m giving plenty of warning. Barter refunds will not be full amount since I was always more generous with the barter amounts.

Thank you everyone for your patience and understanding.   



I’m starting a new business called 

Murder of Crows Nesting Decor and it’s located in the back room.

Crow themed decor in Plexi, Aluminum Composite and Metal Cut Outs  











Take your temp the night before and call or text immediately to let me know, and I will take it at the door – if you have a temp you will be rescheduled

I will provide a mask if you don’t have one and face shield which will be worn at all times.

I will also wear a mask and face shield.

Must wash and hand sanitize.

I’ll be completing the whole tattoo in one sitting if possible so be prepared.

You will wait in your car and text when you’re here – you’ll be texted when set up is complete, then only go to tattoo room and bathroom.

You will be given sketch night before if it needs one – once you approve it – if you change anything during the appointment – you will lose your appt and your deposit.

Don’t touch anything you don’t have to.

You will not be allowed to bring family or friends and no visitors.

Maintain 6’ social distancing whenever possible.

There will be new paperwork that covers me in the event that you get sick.

No face, neck, or chest tattoos.

Everything you come in contact with will be wiped down and sanitized.

$300 minimum to cut down on small tattoos and traffic in the shop.

Thank you!

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Plenty of Street Parking on Grand, Woodman or Lincoln Sts

Get Murder of Crows Nesting Decor Swag at Threadless.com

Get Moerder Tattoos & Gallery Swag at Threadless.com

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