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The Artists are…

16-18 yrs old – Victoria Karpowicz, Paola Ramos, Anya Sharpe

20-21 yrs old – Melissa McKenna, Katelyn Woolford, Angelina D’Ortena

22-23 yrs old – Rachel Friel, Stephen Colonna

One Artist out of each of these groups has won a $150 Moerder Tattoos Gift Certificate! The winners will be announced at the Opening!

2nd Annual Young Artists Show Judges – Opening Reception June 8th – 4-7pm 

I’m so honored to have such a talented group of Professional Artists to be choosing the winners of my 2nd Annual Young Artists Show this year! We’ve awarded 3 very deserving $150 Tattoo Prize winners! Reception and award ceremony this Saturday 4-7pm at Moerder Tattoos and Gallery in Hammonton – thank you again to all of my Artist friends that believe in supporting young Artists and took time out of their busy schedules! You rock! ❤️— with Ericka FickenTim S. SmithRob Roesch,Lexi PerezSuzanne Reese HorvitzMari Cookie Butt Bennett and Ronald Carson














The way I work.

I charge $150 and hour with a $100 minimum. There is Tax and a 3% service fee on credit cards. It is a tipping business just like a restaurant, so if you’re happy with the job I did and the experience you’ve had, a good tip is always appreciated!

I try to make you as comfortable as possible with a pool room waiting room, refreshments and most time some snacks, but when you come in to my tattoo room – you must abide by my rules, which are easy and help assure that your tattoo comes out the best it can and I keep a clean and safe shop. You’re welcome to come with friends and family but I don’t allow children. This is because of past damage, and it’s just not safe for them in here with the tattoos and my Art, so even if you don’t care – it’s a distraction to me because I know how dangerous it can be for them. If you come with your child to an appt – you’ll and be asked to leave and lose your deposit.

I work quickly but sometimes I just like to take my time, but you will always be charged fairly – if I’m adding time talking or having fun with you – you won’t be charged for that. I’m very light handed and use bactine in all of my washes, which causes a very comfortable numbing affect for most people.

I talk myself out of a lot of money because I respect people’s skin – if I think you’re making a mistake I will be painfully honest and sometimes refuse to do it because I know you’ll regret it, and I won’t just to take your money. Usually since I do so many cover ups – I  can come up with a better solution.

I’ve done thousands of cover ups so I know exactly what happens to tattoos over time, and what people regret. I feel that it’s my job to warn you about what will happen and try to steer you clear of any regret. If you don’t listen to my advice that’s on you, but if you expect me to lie about something being ok, you’re coming to the wrong Tattoo Artist.

I also use Saniderm with any customer that wants it which is a revolutionary way of healing tattoos! Practically pain and risk free if you keep it on for 5 days with out soaking in water – you can shower. No more risk of infection with beautiful healing!

I welcome people to come in and check out the Tattoo Shop and Art Gallery but I prefer when people book online so I have all their info and pics in one place and I don’t interrupt my current customer too much – lots of interruptions can get painful and make it difficult for them to finish. I can’t afford a desk person and since it’s just me here pulling down the fort – my billable time with customers has to used efficiently. That’s also why I usually don’t do consults unless needed, and have to book all of my time for tattoos.

I try my best with each tattoo, and I try to make it as fun as possible. Warning – I have a bold sense of humor and very little filter left.

Gift Certificates are Always Available and Can be Mailed

Our First Exhibit Made the Front Page!

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You Get a Moerder Tattoos &Gallery After-Care Cup with Every Tattoo!


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